Figuring Out Fuel Efficiency of Heavy Equipment

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Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.

Peter F. Drucker

As you know, fuel is ‘food’ for heavy equipment to work. In the company’s concern, there are 2 important terms namely Fuel Consumption and Fuel Efficiency. Both sound similar, but actually different.

Fuel Consumption is the amount of fuel used per measure of time. While Fuel Efficiency is the number of products produced by the fuel used per weight measure. By looking at both of them, the company can determine what type or model of machine is more efficient to use which leads to lower costs.

The question is How to measure Fuel Consumption and Efficiency?

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amtiss has a digital solution to record asset condition in detail. This feature can show data on the total amount of fuel consumption and activity of the asset. This data will then be processed digitally into analytical data which can be used as a reference for the next step for the company to gain efficiency and productivity improvement.



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