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Amtiss User Award hadir di awal tahun 2022

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amtiss memulai tahun baru 2022 dengan menghadirkan acara penghargaan untuk para pengguna aplikasi amtiss melalui acara penghargaan bergengsi amtiss User Award 2022. Pada acaranya yang pertama kali dilakukan amtiss ini, amtiss User Award menghadirkan total 5 kategori untuk diikutsertakan dalam penghargaan ini. Setiap pemenang mendapatkan hadiah menarik dari amtiss, seperti Smartphone, Jaket, Helm, Voucher belanja,…

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amtiss Moments in October 2019

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Last week, amtiss team went to two events along with Indigo, a startup incubator and accelerator by PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk. (11 Oct)amtiss, Indigo, and other participants went to Business Etiquette Communication & Effective Negotiation Skills Training with Erwin Parengkuan from TalkInc. (16 Oct)amtiss was part of the Geek on the Bus 5.0 by Indigo.…

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The 2016 IoT Landscape.

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Matt Turck, a venture capitalist at FirstMark, has mapped out the Internet of Things Landscape for 2016. Matt notes “The IoT today is largely at this inflection point where “the future is already here but it is not evenly distributed”. From ingestibles, wearables, AR/VR headsets to connected homes and factories, drones, autonomous cars and smart…

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