The Cause of Damage an Undercarriage Excavators and Bulldozers
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The undercarriage is one of the important components in heavy equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. One of the components of heavy equipment section below includes the frame and a…

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How to Choose the Right Systems Asset Management?
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In the rapid development of the world, forcing companies to maintain and protect assets well and digitally so as not to be left behind with the times. In Indonesia and…

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The Price of the Freeport deal
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JAKARTA (Reuters) – For many Indonesians, investment banker-turned-minister Ignasius Jonan is the man who made trains run on time. Months after being handed the mining portfolio, the minister notched up…

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7 Good reasons why your company needs Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System
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Application of Asset Management System can have many benefits to your company, including the following: 1. Good Business Practice. Asset management results in better decisions. Aligning management of infrastructure with…

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Indonesia Mining Map
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Indonesia is on the west side of the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, characterized by high volcanic activity.  At one point, Magma from the Pacific Ring of Fire is thought to…

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Top 10 of the Richest Mining Companies
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Let’s see which mining enterprises brought  in the biggest money. 10. Fortescue Metals Group (Australia) Primarily operates in Australia, this company is one of the biggest producers of Iron ore in…

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The Biggest Truck In The World
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There a lot of different categories of trucks, every trucking service needs specific types of trucks and because of that some of the trucks needed to become so huge that…

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Do you know? What is the meaning of the different colour of safety helmet?
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Head injury accident is one kind of the major occupational accidents, particularly in the construction industry. Every year many workers injured or are even killed as a result of head…

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Safe operating procedures for Heavy equipment! (Part 3)
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The last part of safe operating procedures for heavy equipment is refueling & parking. It is the easy part, but sometimes this easy part is the part that most cases…

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