The Biggest Truck In The World

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There a lot of different categories of trucks, every trucking service needs specific types of trucks and because of that some of the trucks needed to become so huge that seeing them in person bring us fear.

The most specific truck in the trucking industry is the dump truck or in the construction industry known as haul truck. And this is the biggest truck that exist on the planet belong to the group of dump trucks/haul trucks.

The Caterpillar 797F
It is also worldwide ranked as the biggest truck among the biggest trucks in the world. It is the largest mining truck and as that, it took the attention of every industry in the world.

The Caterpillar 797F height is 21.39ft or 6.52m with the measured length of 48,55ft or 14,8m. The width of the truck is also notable 31,98ft or 9,75m. Caterpillar 797F has an operational weight of 687,5t going with the max speed of 68mph.

This truck among the biggest trucks has very big payload capacity which makes it more efficient of the previous Caterpillar member Caterpillar 797B. It is ranked as the most efficient mining truck from the mine operators because it can transport large capacity of mining material on one trip.

This truck beside the high efficiency has also low maintenance cost because of the many distributors around the world. Caterpillar 797B is the most used mining truck in the world. Besides mining the Caterpillar 797B is used in other industries that require transportation of large quantities.

Specifications of Caterpillar 797F:

  1. Weight
    Gross weight is 1375000.0 lb
    Range of the body is 91,200-135,000lb or 41,368-61,235kg
    Weight Range of the Chassis is 464,359-483,134lb or 210,630-219,146kg
  2. Operating Specifications
    Nominal payload capacity is 400t
    Turning Circle/ Clearance diameter is 138ft
    Steer angle is 40 degrees
    Clearance turning diameter is 138ft
    Top speed, when loaded, is 42mph
    Capacity is 314-350 yd3 or 240-267 m3
  3. Engine
    Model Cat C175-20
    Net power is 3793.0 hp
    Gross power is 4000.0 hp
    Stoke is 8,7in
    Bore 6,9in
  4. Brakes
    Number of discs per side on the front is 10
    Number of discs per side/rear is 15
    Surface of the brakes is 51243.0 in2
  5. Tires
    Type of the tires is 59/80R63 – Michelin or Bridgestone

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