Top 5 Most Expensive Mining Products

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There are many kind of mining products around the world. There are some which have high price to get, one of them is gold. But, do you know the other products which has higher price than gold? Here, the top 5 most expensive mining products around the world.

plutonium edit


A radioactive chemical element with symbol Pu and atomic number 94. Plutonium is a rare radioactive element of transuranic nuclides and white-silvery actinide. This very reactive, rare, and dangerous element is the basic material of nuclear weapons, making it is the most expensive mining products in the world. The impact of nuclear weapons can be seen from attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945.

uranium edit


Element with symbol U and atomic number 92 in periodic table, is the basic material of atomic bomb. This heavy metal goes in actinide series with white silvery toxic color and is a natural radioactive. The 235U isotope is used as fuel for nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. Its radioactive properties can trigger genetic alterations of living things. Although it is dangerous, rare uranium is often sough for the energy resources because of its rich content.


diamonds edit


A rare mineral that is naturally formed and consists of carbon elements. It is a symbol of immortality and beauty because of its very hard nature. The resistant of diamond is caused by natural chemical bonds, makes diamonds suitable to use as cutting tools or other necessities that require strong endurance. Diamonds also have special optical properties, such as high refractive index, dispersion, and luster.

platinum edit


A white metal which is denser than gold and belongs to the rare metal group in the world. It takes about 2-10 tons of iron ore to get 1 ounce of pure platinum. This metal is not easily oxidized and calalytic. In contrast to gold, platinum atom will shift and not completely empty in the scratched (micro) area, so that the treatment is easier than gold.


gold edit


A strong, hard, and anti-rust precious metal. Pure gold is often called 24 carat gold which means 24/24 gold or 100% pure gold. The amount of gold is also quite rare in the world thus increasing the selling price.



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