4 Safety Gear in Mining and Construction

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  1. Hard Hats

Protection of head injuries is important in every safety program. Why is important? Hard hat can protect your head, face, neck and shoulders from a falling object, spark, drops and spills. A survey by Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the most causes of head injuries were not wearing head protection.

2. Safety Boots

Suggested steel toe boots. According many people ask whether or not to wear safety boots because they think safety boots uncomfortable and the steel toe are not having good air circulation. Most mining or construction sites will not allow you enter the site unless you wearing steel toe boots. If something heavy fall on your feet, or your feet hit the sharp objects, steel toe will help you to shield from bad luck.

3. Gloves

In possibility to reduce injuries to any risk of the hand, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be used. Some jobs where gloves can be appeal in a tool or machinery and can be have more chance to injure the hands, gloves do not to be worn. Recommended to discuss it first with on site safety manager.

4. Safety Glasses

According to a survey work related injuries to permanent or temporary eyes accident it trusted that up to 80% can be avoid by wearing safety glasses. It is very important to use safety glasses for the job that you are working on and choose the comfortable to wear.



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