Reasons Why Managers Need Digital System to Manage Mechanics & Operators

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Managers always strive to give the maximum and better results with minimum costs through overall management in the company. For example, managing assets, workflows, and workers. Companies with many assets and workers are certainly a bigger challenge for managers to handle.

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The existence of advanced technology can be the best solution for managers, especially a system special for managing assets and workers. The submission of requests and reports become faster and easier using technological devices and internet connection. No need to bother looking at a pile of paper or searching for data among the many scattered data manually. Moreover, the workflow process can be managed more efficiently.

Here are the reasons why managers should consider using an advanced system for better workers and workflow management in the company:

  1. Monitor the productivity of mechanics and operators on site easily.
    Obviously, e-data is easier to access anywhere and anytime. Mechanics and operators can report their activities using mobile app and managers can access all of the data updated by them.
  2. Track whether they follow the standard guidance or not. An easy way to maintain the standard of work by checking the app on your mobile devices.
  3. Know who was the one in charge of doing what job at ease.
  4. Assign work orders easier and more organized anytime and anywhere.
  5. View work order (WO) history, such as the total WO in a month, total of unfinished and finished WO.
  6. Discover obstacles to work faster than ever. For example, operator A did not run excavator on day X because there was a specific problem with the excavator.
  7. Data is Everything. Auto-generate data analytics will be a handful of system for all managers to create more efficient management strategies in the future. Faster is better, isn’t it?


amtiss, for example, an enterprise system with various features, one of them is for managing your workers in the office and on-site. amtiss can be accessed through mobile app and web app which gives you more benefits to speed up the work and data collection process.

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