5 Largest Coal Producing Countries In The World.

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Coal is one of the main energy sources in the world. It’s still difficult for the world to let go of dependence on non-renewable fossil energy, one of which is coal, which is the biggest source of energy after petroleum. Consumption from year to year, even tends to continue to increase. At the beginning of last year all countries experienced the Covid-19 Pandemic, which showed a 6.5 percent decline in global production due to low demand during that period. However, this year it is predicted to increase to 7.6 million tons. Here are the 5 largest coal producing countries in the world in 2021:

  1. China

China is the leading country as the world’s leading coal producer. The country has been in the first place for decades and has not been replaced. China’s coal production annually reaches 3.7 billion tons or the equivalent of nearly 47 percent of all production in the world. However, it has been reported that China will buy 200 million tons of Indonesian coal this year with a value of 20.6 trillion.

  1. India

India is the second-largest coal producer after China, with a production of 780 million tonnes or nearly 10% of the total global coal share, listed itself as the second-largest coal producer in the world. However, India itself still relies heavily on coal as its energy source, especially for their power plant.

  1. United States

Coal production in the US had experienced a decline at its lowest level of 685 million tonnes in 2020. In 2021, the price of coal in this country has risen to 5.56 percent and reached above the level of US $90 per ton. The increase in coal consumption by the US was caused by the increase in natural gas prices and as part of the economic recovery process from the Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. Indonesia

The Indonesian government increases coal production in 2021 by 625 million tonnes from 550 million tonnes or as much as 12.3% increase in production. Indonesia itself is one of the main coal exporting countries in the world with China and India as two important countries in the global coal trade.

  1. Australia

Australia and Indonesia had an equivalent coal production in 2020, which is 550 million tonnes. Broadly speaking, Australia’s position as one of the dominant countries in coal exports is expanding every year, which is mostly used for the steel-making industry in China.

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