Things Need to Know About Coal

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The use of coal as the source of energy began to develop since the European industrial revolution around the 19th century. Coal was used as locomotives and steam engines fuel, making this century the golden age of coal.

In Indonesia, coal mines began to operate in Kalimantan in the 18th century. However, the coal mined in small quantities and low quality that usually used by the local residents. Indonesian coal mining was also influenced by the Netherlands and Japan which improved the quality of coal and opened mining sites in several areas in Indonesia.

Coal is currently used as the source of electricity, for example, China is the largest coal consumer in the world. Here are other facts about coal summarized by amtiss:

  1. Coal consisting mostly of carbon, followed by hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen.
  2. Coal is converted to electricity by burning it using furnace with a boiler.
  3. There are various types of coal. One of them is anthracite, shiny hard coal that does not produce smoke when burned.
  4. Kalimantan was the first coal mining area in Indonesia.
  5. Indonesia was ranked 5th in the largest coal-producing country in the world, after China, America, India, and Australia. (info source)


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