Parts of Hydraulic Excavator

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You all must have heard of hydraulic excavator!
The hydraulic excavator is heavy equipment designed for many purposes, from excavation -of course-, demolition, loading, lifting, scraping, to grading. As other vehicles, the excavator is also divided into several parts. Look at the picture below:

If you see the picture above, you’ll see numbers as parts of the excavator. Here are the brief explanations:

  1. Bucket is a part used to dig. Excavator can be divided into various type based on this part from standard, ripper, trapezoid, spike, etc.
  2. Arm is a part that moves the bucket.
  3. Boom is the main lever for moving the arm.
  4. Base Frame consists of machine, counterweight, cabin, and other components.
  5. Track Shoe, like the wheel. There are many types of track shoe, such as single grouser shoe, heavy-duty shoe, double grouser shoe, triple grouser shoe, swamp shoe, etc.
  6. Track Frame consists of crawler frames and center frames used as the operation foundation. It can be classified into two types based on the mounting to the mainframe: rigid mounting and pivot mounting.

Each part of the excavator needs to care well for optimum productivity and longer lifespan. Schedule the maintenance date and do periodic inspections are the two of the best recommendations for any excavator owner.

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