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Safe operating procedures for Heavy equipment! (Part 2)

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Understand and follow safe operating procedures for use of heavy equipment, to prevent injury. Machine Maintenance Ensure the cab area is clean and free of debris and tools. Clean windshield, mirrors and lights. Removal all oil, grease or mud and snow from grab irons, hand rails, steps, pedals and floor to prevent slips and falls.…

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Safe operating procedures for Heavy equipment! (Part 1)

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Improper procedures can cause injury, disability, or death. By understanding and following safe operating procedures for use of heavy equipment, we can prevent injury for yourself and your coworkers. Note : only trained and authorized operators shall be permitted to operate the equipment. Personal protective equipment is mandatory and may include the following: Boots or safety…

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Save cost by using the right lubricant for your machinery

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For mining industry in North America only, the potential savings could reach up to US$29 million from the impact of using the correct lubricant for machinery. A recent industrial research found that 96% of mining companies experiencing unplanned equipment shutdowns in the last 3 years. with half of the acknowledging this due the incorrect management…

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10 steps to secure your heavy equipment during the holiday

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During the holidays, office and mining site are usually on a little break and left unattended. Make sure everything is secured and ready to start whenever your business is open again. Have you tested your CCTV working and visible during nighttime/dark Check all the lightings around your valuable equipment? Do a stock inventory of all assets…

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Do you know why are almost every heavy equipment yellow in colour?

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It has been an industry wide practice to adopt yellow as the primary colour of heavy equipment. However this isn’t the norm and there is no standard requiring this to be the case. There are plenty of manufacturers that have distinct colours for their heavy machinery/equipment. Hitachi, for instance, paints their excavators ‘Safety orange’. Yellow…

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Heavy Equipment for Construction.

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In the case of huge construction projects, proper use of the appropriate equipment contributes to economy, quality, safety, speed and timely completion of a project. Equipment are use for highway projects, irrigation, buildings, power projects etc. 15-30% of total project cost has been accounted towards equipment and machinery. Classification of Construction Equipment Earth-moving equipment Hauling…

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Do you now how many types Heavy equipment that are used in excavations?

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Any operation that involves digging material could be called an excavation, we have listed equipment here that is most often used to dig more size limited excavations. Backhoe loader A backhoe loader, also called a loader backhoe or tractor backhoe, is a heavy equipment vehicle that consists of a tractor fitted with a bucket on…

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Tips to keep your heavy equipment & machinery always on top condition.

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Heavy equipment & machinery is a highly valuable asset for every company who has/use it, these kind of asset requires constant maintenance to keep it in good working order. However, the only problem with these equipments is the cost – it is huge and sometimes makes quite a big hole in the pocket. Therefore, the…

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Why you need to measure maintenance cost?

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Maintenance is one important part of operating your equipment and its a cost of doing business thus required to be reported in the financial statement. Maintenance costs normally involve many variables; workforce, part replacement & usage, tools rental etc. the purpose of measuring maintenance cost of each asset is to set a benchmark in comparing…

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5 Tips to improve your heavy equipment lifetime

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Heavy machinery is an expensive piece of equipment that needs a lot of attention to help them working at an optimum level of performance. Having a damaged equipment cost a fortune for the company to fix includes the loss of production time which is even a bigger loss. Here are some tips to help you…

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