10 steps to secure your heavy equipment during the holiday

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During the holidays, office and mining site are usually on a little break and left unattended. Make sure everything is secured and ready to start whenever your business is open again.

  1. Have you tested your CCTV working and visible during nighttime/dark
  2. Check all the lightings around your valuable equipment?
  3. Do a stock inventory of all assets before going for the holiday.
  4. Check your fences & gates complete the surrounding.
  5. Positioned lighter machinery into more secure areas and blocked by larger one.
  6. Make sure sensitive machinery is covered.
  7. Double check the communication in and out from your warehouse.
  8. Talk to neighboring businesses and help each other by trading contacts among the securities.
  9. If you have an alarm system installed, conduct a thorough testing procedure.
  10. If you have GPS tracker installed,  check all the batteries and network, some may need to be turned off completely.

After all these steps, its time to let your worker have their holiday and ready to work for a new year.

Have a wonderful holiday