Bringing the benefits of mobile computing to the mining industry

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The mobile technology is becoming increasingly important in the mining sector. ┬áThe challenge is that mining environment isn’t always conducive to the needs of sensitive equipment like smartphone or tablet.

Moreover creating an infrastructure that supports mobile technology in a mine holds many challenges, but they are challenges that are being met.

Mining is an industry in transition and technology is increasingly being employed in order to meet efficiency goals.

This is a significant period in the history of mining, an industry that has historically enjoyed high margins. Due to the increasing challenges in finding and extracting natural resources the industry is now turning to technology to help improve overall efficiency. Primarily, this can be achieved through the acquisition and analysis of data. This is a proven formula; other industries already employ advanced data acquisition techniques coupled with data analytics to drive up efficiency in manufacturing, transport, and distribution.

Enabling greater integration between the assets of a mine will undoubtedly bring efficiency gains. The ability to connect more aspects of an operation will deliver immediate benefits in every aspect of mining. Today, distributed systems rely on a back office for data analysis, but tomorrow will bring greater intelligence to the system, allowing increased autonomy and automation.

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