Learn from PokemonGo to re-discover your assets

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If you’re into the news lately you could not have missed all the hype with PokemonGo app, where people trying to catch all the monster using their phone by scanning their surrounding.

There are many companies operating today still doesn’t have enough information about their assets, whether it’s the equipment lying around their office branches, infrastructures, machinery or any valuable assets they owned.

Rediscovering your assets, turning from paperwork information into digital records that can be analyzed might be a disastrous job that requires a lot of efforts.

with amtiss application, you can rediscover all your assets simply by using your phone or tablet, slap barcode tag, scan and take a picture, keyed in some valid info and submit them into your system.

You will have a view on an actual condition of the assets, grab the exact location and updated information.

anyone responsible for each company’s asset can complete this task and help you rediscover the real value of your business.

So go catch em all.