How to Improve Asset Uptime

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Based on the industry survey, 70% of equipment failure are self-inducedĀ where 40% of them due to human error. The blame can be distributed to various functions; maintenance, engineering, operation, quality & management.

Standard Operating Procedure for Operations

This is a tough one to complete. Most company only use generic terms to define an activity like “check filter”, “clean the engine” without any checklist or specific guidance on how to do all these activities.

Engineers need to build a standardized work activity that can be easily followed by any operators so they can set an expectation of performance and measure the quality of work.

Build a small specialized engineering team

The operator or mechanic deals with the equipment frequently and will be the first to sense any changes or abnormal condition. They should make this into their report book and notify someone with the position or skill to address this issue.

You don’t need an external auditor or third party to analyze this report, but a team of engineers with duties only to fix & maintain machinery would be ideal to decide whether the problem worth serious attention.

Implementing this into your business will help improving asset uptime with less money to spend.