5 Biggest Truck Mine In The World

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Trucks are a means of land transportation that can to transport a wide range of goods, to transport sand, stones, cement, and others. The size of the truck is indeed regarded as a large  body transportation even the largest as in the information of 5 Largest Mine Trucks in the World below :

1. Truck Mine Liebherr T 282B


Liebherr T 282B is the largest mine truck created in Germany by a manufacturer there. Truck mine or dumptruck does have a very large body. Even for the size of the tire truck Liebherr T 282B mine itself is still higher than the height of adults. 2004 was the start of the design of the Liebherr T 282B mine truck. This 203 Ton truck can carry around 365 tons, and produce about 3650 horsepower.weight – 592 tons, Length: 14.5 m long, Height: 7.4 m tall, Wheelbase: 6.6 m, Top Speed: 40 mph or 65 kph

2. Truck Mine Belaz 75710 


Belaz 75710 is another largest mining truck. Invented company from Belarus as dumptruck designed by Leonid Trukhnov. As the largest mine truck, the Belaz 75710 has the maximum capacity to transport up to 496 tonnes. If you are curious about the specifications of the Belaz 75710 mine truck engine, it will be explained a bit. The tires used are twice the size of the average human size. The driving force comes from two units of 16 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine each with a capacity of 130 liters (130,000 cc). Engine power is then channeled to the ground through the aid of an electromechanical transmission. Each engine contributes 2,300 horsepower with a total power of 4,600 horsepower with a combined torque of 13,738 pound-feet (equivalent to 18,626 Nm)! The machine can run the vehicle with a maximum speed of 64 km / hour.

 3. Truck Mine Westech T282C 

westech 7282C

Westech T282C is regarded as a mine truck designed by a US company called Westech. Capable of carrying coal mine as much as four hundred and seventy point four cubic metes with the density of zero point eighty six tons per cubic meter. Year 2011 dated July 19, this time the mine truck began to be used. 

4. Truck Mine Caterpillar 797f

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The World’s Largest Truck Named Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck. This Giant Truck It Is Operated In A Mine To Transport Coal, Large Stones Or Sand In Large Amounts. This Truck Weighs 456 Kilograms, Height 6, 4 Mtr. And Length 14, 6 Mtr. Can Be Seen Image Comparison Of Caterpillar Trucks With Something Suv Cars. This Truck Has Engine Capability Up To 4 Thousand Horse Power, Can Carry 300 Tons Of Materials And Can Run To 67 Km. Per hour.

5. Truck Mine TEREX 33-19 Titan 


TEREX 33-19 Titan is also the largest type of truck and now no longer operational. It has been painted in the sparwood area of British Columbia area of Canada. Only operated until the year 1998. Not just a big body. Because in any capacity, TEREX 33-19 Titan still able to walk with a speed of 29.8 mph.



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