Cobwebs Construction

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Katama Suryabumi Corporation which is engaged in technological innovation of construction and agribusiness, has developed and has being the holder of new technology patent in field of design, one of which is the system of Cobwebs Construction (CC). The system incorporates a flat plate concrete foundation system with the soil improvement system which makes it sturdy, earthquake friendly, and economical.




Prof. Dr. Ir. T Abdul Aziz Djajaputra, Professor of Geotechnical ITB said, “The cobwebs construction is a more rigid and more efficient shallow foundation system, in terms of its material. The other advantages of the system is good horizontal resistance. It has good stability, that the system can be retained by side resistance when there is a horizontal movement, due to the side pressure is quite big.”


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The system is being used as a research to measure the strength of the construction, that was once able to hold the building above during Padang earthquake some time ago and to optimize the system.

Professor Herman Wahyudi, a civil engineering expert believed that the research of Cobwebs Construction will open opportunity to utilized it in various countries. The rigid shallow foundation system is also not easily impaired if used by heavy equipment, so it is advisable to plan the road construction using this system.



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