How to be A Successful Mining Company

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Mining is an activity to extract valuable materials from the earth. The unearthed materials cannot be grown through agricultural processes or created in lab or factory,  in other words: non-renewable resources. The harder in finding the material, the higher it’s price. Mining industry has started since a long time ago and spread over many countries. There are big mining companies with many mining site in several areas, such as Glencore, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, China Shenhua Energy, etc. Do you ever feel curious how they can grow to be such big companies now? What should your company do to grow bigger and bigger?

  1. A right person in a right team
    Hire a person who is compatible with the job. Ask what they can do and what they have done, not ask where they graduated. Experiences are more valuable than the university or school they’ve taken. Be effective and efficient even in hiring people so the company can grow faster to the positive way. The easy example : you won’t ever hire a plumber to be your geology and mining researcher, right?
  1. Remember : CSR is a must
    CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a way of company to compensate for the social and environment costs associated with their activity, mining. During mining operations and after the mine closed, both create negative impact to the environment and sometimes, community around the site. Sometimes, a village needs to move because there’s valuable material deposits below the land (ex : Lake village-Kalimantan). There are many advantages that can drive the company to be better by doing CSR (you can read it at :
  1. Wide network
    Build a good network to other groups that can help you to grow: communities, governments, machine suppliers, etc. Maintain the good relationship and you’ll get the result then. It’s not a hard task to do, but it’s a complicated one. Communication can be seem easy but it’s more difficult than you ever think. A bad communication can drive your company to an end. Always be careful in communication and your company will be always safe.
  1. Marketing? Of course!
    Every company needs marketing. Yes, absolutely. Without marketing work, how can you sell your product or even get the target consumer aware of your presence or your products? Maximize all things that can help to boost your marketing campaign. Also, do not forget to use digital marketing in this digital era.
  1. Efficiency cost management
    Every company wants to maximize profits and minimize costs. But, how? The only way is to manage the cost efficiently. Note all of the expenditure details, operation details, and profit details. Do a research (ex: Why did we spend money to this? Can we cut the expenses for this one? Do we really need to spend money on this periodically? Etc.). Find a solution and try it, then do a research. It’s a cycle task to do to manage the cost efficiently.
  1. Efficiency asset management
    Again, every company has many assets as the core things to sustain company’s life. In other words: assets are highly important. Beside having a efficient asset management, it is also important to have efficient asset maintenance management. You won’t like it when the money goes to unnecessary expenditure, will you? By maximize the asset maintenance management, you can improve the uptime of asset and also improve the life of them. You won’t spend unnecessary money in the future if you can maximize the life and the use of your asset.
  1. Use technology
    We are living in a modern era where technologies can help us in many things. Don’t use the old way to predict the location of valuable mineral deposits, but use technology : satellite or other else. Change all the old ways to the modern one. By using technology, you will save time, energy, and of course money. What’s more better than reducing cost while gaining more profits?

Talking about efficiency and technology, Amtiss can give you all the three-points-above in one service. Amtiss has website app, mobile app, and also telemetry to help you manage your cost and asset management efficiently. By using the apps and telemetry, you can track condition, operation, location, maintenance schedule of all your assets and in the end, you can manage your cost better than before. Not only that, Amtiss also provides a module for you to manage your employees’ work (ex: give task for employee to do asset inspection, take the asset to workshop, etc.). A good offer, isn’t it?

So, are you ready to grow your mining company? Just do the 7-task above and you’ll see the good result then. Those are will absolutely taking much time, but those are absolutely great ‘investments’ for your company’s journey to success.



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