Maintenance Tips for Heavy Machinery

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Heavy machinery is an important asset of mining, construction, and agriculture industries. As we all know, every piece of machinery is expensive. That’s why the company needs to maintain and manage the asset carefully and well to ensure optimal performance while reducing unexpected costs.

Here are some maintenance tips for heavy machinery by amtiss :

  1. Scheduled!
    Schedule inspections and maintenance check-up of every machine to monitor the condition and prevent the major issue of the machine. Stay on the scheduled maintenance date and get your equipment ‘healthy’ for a long time. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports, up to 20% of industrial accidents are related to maintenance operations, with 15% involving worker fatalities*.
  2. Create and Follow the Standard!
    Create and follow the standard of maintenance. Standard is created to decreasing negative issues as much as possible.
  3. Monitor!
    Monitor every activities and condition of every asset! By doing this, the company can gain useful data such as fuel efficiency, fuel consumption, asset location, etc. Then, it is easier to determine a better maintenance strategy of the machinery. Yes, you’re welcome!
    (Read about Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Consumption here)
  4. Quality is more important than Cheap!
    All the company wants to reduce costs as much as possible. However, it is absolutely not recommended to pick cheaper assets or parts that are unreliable. Better choose the one which has good quality. Think like this, if the company buys the cheap one with low quality, the assets or parts will have poorer productivity and have a higher possibility to break before the scheduled ‘death’. Then, the company needs to buy the new one which is cost more than buying a good quality one-that have better productivity and warranty.
  5. The Right Tools!
    Always use the right tools for your equipment. Also, combine technology in your maintenance management plan! By utilizing technology, some process can be done faster and easier. For example, use amtiss web app and mobile app as the digital maintenance management of the assets.


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