Did you get an accurate asset expense report?

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Did you spend many hours every month just to validate your company’s asset expenses? Making sure all the claims are valid, comparing historical records and eventually ended up draining million & billion of cash without any assurance that the expense is truly worth the performance.

What makes asset expense claim valid?

1. Asset operator needs to relate specific asset with a specific claim, with Barcode or RFID tag remove the chance of getting false claims.

2. Attach photos as proof of claim. Photos are good evidence to back the claim, watermarked photos even better with geotag, timestamp, username, company logo.

3. Automatic report generation. Automatic report prevents any alteration & modification of actual condition.

4. Standard report format. With standardized report submission, the operator will have to deliver all the necessary information to back the claims.

5. IOT sensors. For a highly expensive asset, to get an even more automatic data acquisitions, you can use IOT sensors implanted in the assets, real-timeĀ asset condition will be accurate.