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It takes two flints to make a fire.

Louisa May Alcott
mining equipment working together on site
Illustration: teamwork on site

Yes, reaching a big goal requires a team or more. As working in the mining or construction field, the company needs enough “teams” to be deployed starting from the equipment, operators, mechanics, admins, etc. Each team needs to collaborate with each other to ensure they are on the same right path to reach the same goals.

However, it requires more than nice team members to collaborate well. It needs a system to facilitate communication between each member of the team. For example, to ensure spare part request from the operator on-site is received by admin well and fast. The faster the request received, the faster it would be processed and the sooner the equipment could get back to work.

The distance between the site with the office, the number of paper reports and the long work process can decrease efficiency in productivity.

Here is a solution for you to consider!

Utilize the digital system to shorten the process and facilitate the communication between the team on-site and in office. For example, utilize the solution by amtiss system.

How amtiss helps to improve ‘collaboration’ in your company

amtiss is an integrated maintenance management system for heavy equipment to standardized maintenance processes, optimize resources consumption, and spare parts planning. Reports, requests (including spare part requests, work orders, work requests, etc.), and other else can be sent and received fast through the mobile app and web app.

By using amtiss, the company can optimize productivity while reducing unnecessary costs (usually caused by unplanned breakdown, unstructured equipment and parts data, ineffective maintenance plan+implementation). Moreover, amtiss provides auto-generate analytics data from all the activities recorded in the system that can be used for the company to make a better decision in the future.

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