Indonesia Mining Map

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Indonesia is on the west side of the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, characterized by high volcanic activity. ¬†At one point, Magma from the Pacific Ring of Fire is thought to contain a variety of precious metals, especially gold and copper. As part of the Pacific Ring of Volcano, Indonesia also potentially has natural resources in the form of minerals. Eastern Region of Indonesia covering 68% of the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Covering an area of nearly 1.3 million square kilometers that estimated to hold 81.2% of Indonesia’s mineral.

Minerals on Indonesia map:

  1. Petroleum
    There are many petroleum mines in Indonesia. Oil producing areas as follows:

    • The oil mines on the island of Sumatra are located in Aceh (Lhoksumawe and Peureula); North Sumatra (Tanjung Pura); Riau (Sungaipakning, Dumai); And South Sumatra (Plaju, Gerong River, Muara Enim).
    • The oil mines in Java are located in Wonokromo, Delta (East Java); Cepu, Cilacap in (Central Java); And Majalengka, Jatibarang (West Java).
    • The oil mines on the island of Borneo are located in Balikpapan, Tarakan Island, Bunyu Island and Mahakam River (East Kalimantan) and Amuntai, Tanjung and Rantau (South Kalimantan)
    • Maluku (Seram Island and Southeast), as well as
    • Irian Jaya (Klamono, Sorong, and Babo).
  2. Bauxite (aluminum ore)
    Bauxite mining is located in Riau (Bintan Island) and West Kalimantan (Singkawang).
  3. Coal
    Coal mining is located in West Sumatera (Ombilin, Sawahlunto), South Sumatra (Bukit Asam, Tanjungenim), East Kalimantan (Berau River Basin, Samarinda), South Kalimantan (Kotabaru / Pulau Laut), Central Kalimantan (Purukcahu), South Sulawesi Makassar), and Papua (Klamono).
  4. Iron
    Iron mining is located in Lampung (Gunung Tegak), South Kalimantan (Sebuku Island), South Sulawesi (Verbeek Mountains), and Central Java (Cilacap).
  5. Tin
    Tin mining is located in Bangka Island (Sungai Liat), Belitung Island (Manggara), and Singkep Island (Dabo).
  6. Gold
    Gold mining is located in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (Meulaboh), Riau (Logos), Bengkulu (Rejang Lebong), North Sulawesi (Bolaang Mongondow, Minahasa), West Kalimantan (Sambas), West Java (Cikotok, Pongkor) and Freeport (Timika , Papua).
  7. Copper
    Copper mining is located in Irian Jaya (Tembagapura).
  8. Nickel
    Mined from the Southeast Sulawesi region (Soroako).
  9. Marble
    Mined from East Java (Tulungagung), Lampung, Makassar, Timor.
  10. Manganese
    Mined from Yogyakarta (Kliripan), West Java (Tasikmalaya), and South Kalimantan (Martapura).
  11. Asphalt
    Mined from Southeast Sulawesi (Buton Island).
  12. Sulfur
    Mined from the area of West Java (Mount Patuha), East Java (Mount Welirang).
  13. Iodine
    Mined from Central Java (Semarang), East Java (Mojokerto).