Monitor & Manage Equipment At Ease Using Digital System

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Data is needed when tracking the productivity of a project. For example, in a mining project, it requires all data related to heavy equipment, operators, and activities in order to measure the performance and make better decisions in the future. However, gathering all data is not an easy task. Especially if your company has hundreds or more assets, isn’t it?

It is quite inconvenient for manager and upper levels to read all the reports about the asset in the company. It will be very time and energy consuming. Not to mention those thick sheets of paper that must be taken care of every day.

The best solution to solve this problem is to start implementing digital system in asset management and maintenance activities.


amtiss is an integrated system to manage heavy equipment maintenance processes by simplifying the business flow, digitization, connecting platform and bringing accurate data in real-time.

Equipment Management System, one of many modules of amtiss, will able you to access all details of your asset data, starting from the actual condition, location, warranty, to performance on a single-window!

Equipment Management System of amtiss

The powerful features:

  1. Asset Movement
    Monitor asset movement for faster approval response of request movement and transfer.
  2. HM & KM History
    Track HM & KM of the equipment easily for a more accurate maintenance schedule system.
  3. Timesheet Report
    Track the equipment activities on a daily basis to see the machine performance, problems, delays, and others.
  4. Reminder Warranty Asset
    Monitor warranty of each equipment by enabling notification to registered PIC by mail.

Collect, monitor, and review all your assets in a new-simple-sophisticated way by using amtiss. Try now!

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